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This site is primarily to help and allow consumers to make better informed decisions when buying and shopping for factory seconds. It is possible to make considerable savings on consumer items. Find all the information you need to make sure you get the best deal and don’t get ripped off. Get the impartial advice about warranties and your consumer rights when buying factory seconds and ex displays.

Update 10.05.12

Still much more work to be done. Completing the guides, information and advice sections of the site. Hopeful you’ve found the site useful so far and saved money on your purchases. We hope to expand much more in the next few weeks as the site grows from a small sampling into hopefully something a little more like a tree.

“Also we are looking for writers if anyone has anything they would like to write about please feel free to get in touch.”

Site Admin

Update 07.06.12

So it’s been a little while. Plenty in the pipeline for everyone looking to save money. The fridge section has been updated with even more information. You can now see which are the most efficient.

Full listings and information on the biggest places to buy your items:


We want people to be happy and get the best deal, saving money on all their favorite things. We think everyone should have the information and opportunity to make the best use of their money. The best information should be impartial. We hope you enjoy the site.

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